Massachusetts Home Heating Oil Delivery

Please call us for pricing.  


We offer a wide range of service plans to suit your needs. Below is a breakdown of what each plan includes. To find out more and for pricing quotes, please contact us.

Budget Plans:
We offer 10 and 12-month payment plans to our customers who would like to pro-rate their oil delivery payments over the course of the entire year. The 10-month plan excludes payments during the summer months (July, August).

We accept both Visa and Mastercard payments via phone or fax. We also have an automatic payment plan to make your life even easier. Contact us for more details on how to sign up.

Plan 1 - Annual Check-up and Cleaning:
Includes a thorough annual cleaning of your oil burner and furnace, or boiler. This includes vacuuming of boiler or furnace flues and smoke pipe, cleaning oil burner fan, nozzle, electrodes and controls, lubricating motors, cleaning strainers, checking burner operation and adjusting flame to peak efficiency, plus filter cartridge or screen.

Plan 2 - Service Protection:
Includes an annual check-up as set forth in Plan 1, plus two service calls (24-hour service). All parts repaired or replaced at regular rates. Your cost for one full year's protection.

Plan 3 - Service and Parts Protection:
Includes services provided in Plans 1 and 2, plus the following parts (valued at over $1,000) to be replaced whenever necessary:

Fuel Pump Tank Gauge
Relay Oil Burner Motor
Thermostat Transformer
Aquastat Burner Fan
Pressure Control Nozzle
Firomatic Switch Electrodes
Basement Tank ($100 Credit) Filter Cartridge
Circulator Motor Air Filters
Circulator Relay Blower Motor
Fan Belt  

Plan 4 - Premium:
Includes services provided in PLANS 1, 2, and 3. If your furnace or boiler requires service, the parts listed below and the labor to replace them will be covered at no cost to you. This service is expected to occur during normal business hours.
Air Filter Thermostat
Aquastat Tank valve
Blower & shaft assembly Transformer
Blower moter Pressure reducing valve
Burner coupling Back flow valve
Burner fan 1 circulator
Burner motor Circulator relays
Cad cell assembly Flange gaskets
Combustion chambers Relief valves
Draft regulator Expansion tank
Fan & limit switch Low water cutoff
Fuel pump Mixing valves
Oil burner value Zone valves
Oil filter Flow checks
Pump strainer Combustion chamber
Nozzle All water related parts of a boiler with the exception of block itself and coil
Primary control  
Smoke pipe  
Stairway switch  

Fuel Tank Replacement:
-Credit to $100 (275 Gallon Tank - Inside)
-Only one-zone system included
-Your cost for one full year's coverage

Please contact us to find out more about our service plans and pricing.

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